BTO 2016

BTO 2016
november 30th & december 1st, at Fortezza da Basso (Florence)
9th edition of BTO – Buy Tourism Online

BTO – Buy Tourism Online is currently the number 1 event in Italy that focuses on the links between tourism and innovation, as BTO2016 promises to be as cutting edge as ever.

BTO 2016 is a series of conferences taking place over 2 highly intense full days, with more than 150 events geared towards:

  • Operators across the tourism supply chain, particularly those in the hospitality sector
  • Regional policy-makers in charge of tourism
  • Industry stakeholders
  • Marketing operators and distributors of tourism products
  • Students, teachers and researchers

On November 30th and December 1st, BTO2016 will be welcoming you with:

  • Keynote presentations, Perspectives for the future, Research and Analysis, Debates and Interviews
  • Basic and advanced “Toolbox” workshops
  • Product Presentations by members of the Exhibitors Club

There will be 16 different timetables, with 9 + 2 options to choose from: an à la carte menu carefully structured so as to allow each visitor to satisfy his/her various interests.

  • Two [brand new] main halls: one entirely devoted to Italy and the other with a more international perspective
  • One “slower” focus hall and another “faster” focus hall
  • Five more focus halls

It will seem like chaos, but a helpful app and many information totems placed across the various pavilions of the Fortezza da Basso will help visitors find their way and decide which events they can’t do without and which they will have to forgo.

We expect to beat BTO2015’s record, with more than five thousand people coming to the Fortezza da Basso. These are the main themes that will be discussed:

Big data and small data analytics
Big players
Hotel chains / independent structures
Culture and economic value
Attention to content
Cyberspace law
Distribution of tourism products
Circular economy
Email marketing
Food & wine
Tourism gates
Tourism policies
Major tourism attractors
Hospitality services suppliers, scenery
Images & video
Marketing and restaurant web marketing
Online Travel Agencies, contract regulations
Real time
Revenue management
Online sentiment
Social networks
Social network advertising
Tourism statistics, who?
Sustainable, accessible, responsible tourism
Digital tourism
Web marketing

WHY! is BTO2016’s cross-cutting theme: click here to find out more about it.