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5stelle* is a management software for all types of hotels, and it’s cloud! 5stelle* contains everything you need for the administration and the front office of your hotel, including:
– Property Management System (hotel, spa, restaurant, meeting rooms, parking and more)
– fully integrated Booking Engine (two-way)
– fully integration with OTA (with a two-way Channel Manager)
– customer relationship management

5stelle* is cloud software (Java)
– hotelier and revenue manager can stay connected to the reception (or they can stay connected to more than one reception) wherever they are, even with a tablet or smartphone.
– no licensing fees, no commission, but only an all-inclusive annual fee
– hotel do not need a dedicated server
– data are always safe
– training and support are “easy and immediate

”5stelle* is sales-oriented:
– hotel uses a single online sale instrument: planner, OTA, booking engine are managed from the same interface
– reservations by OTA are automatically inserted on the planner. Customer data stored in archive
– off-line reservations (phone, walk-in, email) are entered on the PMS from the reception and the online availability updated in real time

– revenue managers can create on 5stelle* special offers (last minute, early booking and many others). These appear instantly on your booking engine.



The creation of a “trailer” to concentrate the narration in a few days, evoking emotions and stimulating the tourists to come back: this is the essence of Abruzzo Open Day, a great tourist welcome moment in which the whole region discloses and offers the most evocative experiences that can be expressed during the year. Hundreds of events for the whole family, well-distributed around the territory involving mountains, parks, villages and the coast. The events are divided in adventures, experiences and entertainments. An innovative “formula” never tested in Italy before, which is the result of a systemic action of the whole regional tourist industry: focusing on the conjunction and the variety of all experiences, that encourage to discover new itineraries of nature, taste, culture, art and smart holidays. Special rates, promotional packages and free admission for kids under 12. After the big success of the just concluded Winter Edition, Abruzzo Open Day Summer will meet you from the end of May to June the 2nd: the mission is to create an emotional and experiential tourism and to attract travellers from Italy and from abroad.



Agro-Food offre una vasta gamma di prodotti di alta qualità, servizi moderni e concetti innovativi, rifornisce hotel, bar, alberghi, ristoranti e caffetterie.

Agro-Food è l’unione di eccellenze di marketing, distribuzione e produzione. Proporre concetti e idee innovativi, tecnologie e prodotti all’avanguardia per stimolare i bisogni dei clienti e soddisfare le aspettative dei consumatori.Fornire di conseguenza prodotti di alta qualità, attrezzature, servizi ed assistenza continua ai clienti, anticipandone le esigenze e sviluppando le proposte e le nuove categorie.

La qualità:
Agro-Food persegue innanzitutto la qualità della bevanda erogata, proponendo un servizio eccellente ed efficace grazie al sodalizio con Necta (azienda leader nella produzione di macchine distributrici) ed alla consolidata partnership con le migliori aziende produttrici di attrezzature e products.



Communication or meta-communication through cosmetics certified, for an improved brand reputation.

Alfera Core Business’s is a BIO & GO GREEN Made in Italy COURTESY LINE, without parabens and without paraffin.Products are dermatologically tested on human beings and not on animals, for a world more and more ecofriendly.



We partner with hotels to build their brand online, drive direct business to their branded website, capture bookings with world class booking technology, help them optimize their online distribution and ensure they grow their margin per booking. Our solution is built around four main highly-effective service areas. While other companies may offer services with similar names, our advantage is the real deep integration of these services so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our clients love our highly personalized approach, listening to your requirements, reacting to your specific needs, keeping in touch with you regularly to discuss progress.We have six offices in Europe and we speak your language.


Booking Expert

Booking Expert was born in 2006 with the strong idea to specialize in the tourism sector and in the hotels online distribution. We know hoteliers and we try to understand their needs and thanks to our informatics- technologic knowledge and the enthusiasm that since ever accompanies us in our path, we design and develop innovative and performing solutions.

At first we concentrate on the needs to manage the multichannel evolution, online OTA distribution, B2B portals, GDS, integration to management software PMS and the Channel Manager that we developed ourselves and becomes quickly a valued and increasingly distributed with over 1300 installations all over Italy.

Then we realize that in order to compete to the online direct sales with the OTAs, the Hotel’s Official Website Booking Engine must strike and has to convert and to give the opportunity of customization and differentiation to the hotelier and our Booking Engine R2 becomes the most emotional, flexible, versatile and effective product on the market…

All that to propose itself as a landmark for our hotelier that is in need to have a young company as well as expert in following him in the managing the distribution with the primary focus of the direct sales and not commissioned. This is out path, and we won’t stop…

Booking Expert


BookingOne is the booking engine that over 15.000 Accommodation Facilities in Italy and abroad have chosen. BookingOne is the ideal tool to manage autonomously the online sales strategy of Hotels, Hotel chains, Residences, Apartments, Agritourisms, Locations, Holiday destinations and Touristic Services.

Fully created and developed by MM-ONE Group, BookingOne is the online booking platform that meets the needs of the new tourist, who is social, mobile and local. Thanks to the constant upgrade and innovations brought about, BookingOne offers multiple services with scalable solutions: Channel Manager, Hotel Management, CRO and Messaging, Business Intelligence, Revenue Management, CRM Marketing, Booking Responsive, integrated E-Commerce System and much more.

Those who are part of BookingOne family can benefit from various exclusive digital services, thanks to the certifications and partnerships developed with the most important digital players of tourism industry: Google Hotel Ads, Trivago and Airbnb (to receive bookings directly from these channels), Allianz Global Assistance (to insure the holiday), PciDss (to protect oneself against credit card frauds).



Bookingfor DMS (Destination Management System) is an innovative virtual tourism promotion and marketing service for resorts and tourist destinations, consortia for the promotion of tourism, LAGs, tour operators, hotel chains, business networks, web agencies, OLTAs and themed vertical portals.
Easy, intuitive and powerful, BookingFor is the perfect tool to book online tourism related products (rooms, excursions, experiences, activities, restaurants…) per day, per night and per hour. The ideal booking engine to promote the whole tourist offer of a destination and to create tailor-made travel experiences.
BookingFor is SEO-friendly, multi-lingual and compatible with mobile devices. It is entirely customisable, extremely scalable and adaptable to websites of all sizes, and also offers the possibility for developers to access the API interface for integrations based on OTA standards and to access the Open Source code for the development of components, applications and customisations. The service is scalable even in terms of costs thanks to its “pay-per-use” option which allows users to eliminate all start-up costs and pay based on how much they effectively use the system.
Bookingfor stems from the know-how of Ipertrade and Time2marketing, web agencies specialising in the development of on-line technology and marketing projects aimed at promoting and endorsing tourist businesses and destinations.



BookingSuite is the newest unit of Booking.com dedicated to empowering accommodation providers with smart, powerful technology that enables them to serve the needs of their customers and at the same time grow their businesses. The BookingSuite platform integrates with numerous reservation systems, channel managers, social media channels, and property management systems to help accommodation providers to thrive in a fast-paced, increasingly complex, digital world. BookingSuite’s cloud-based products are easy to set up and easy to use.


Camera di Commercio di Firenze

The Chamber of Commerce of Florence is one of the two institutions, along with the Tuscany Region, owners of the BTO – Buytourismonline brand and since 9 years it supports and actively participates in this event. This year the Chamber chooses to push in two directions: the digital economy, with the two projects Eccellenze in Digitale and Crescere in Digitale, and the strengthening of international mediation services with the creation of the Florence International Mediation Chamber. Both operations cover all the productive sectors, including the one which is strategic for Florence, tourism.

In order to support companies in their digitalization efforts, the Chamber of Commerce of Florence launches Eccellenze in Digitale and Crescere in Digitale, both with the same goal: to improve the online presence of small and medium-sized Florentine companies, to enhance the entrepreneurial environment and make it stronger and competitive. Through “Made in Italy: Eccellenze in Digitale”, born from the collaboration with Google and Unioncamere, the Chamber of Commerce of Florence provides 6 free-of-charge experts to accompany companies in a strategic consulting path, aimed at improving web marketing, thanks to dedicated training meetings. Crescere in Digitale, on the other hand, allows to host trainees for six months. The project, which is managed together with the Italian Ministry of Labour, Unioncamere and Google itself, favors the digitalization of Italian SMEs and facilitates the employment of young people.

The Florence International Mediaton Chamber (FIMC) is a branch of the Florence Chamber of Commerce purposely created to manage international mediation proceedings.
The FIMC offers an international mediation service both to Italian companies who deal with international commercial relationships and to foreign companies who wish to choose Florence as the site for the resolution of all current and future disputes.
Mediation is the simpliest among dispute resolution tools. There are no binding procedures. The only goal is finding a mutual satisfying agreement for all parties. Advantages in terms of time and costs are huge.
In mediation parties find their agreement guided by the mediator, who is a third, neutral and impartial person appropriately experienced and prepared.
The panel of FIMC mediators is composed of international professionals from all over the world, such as Singapore, Nigeria, USA, India, New Zealand, Great Britain. All mediators are required to be specifically certified to manage multicultural relations.Moreover, the FIMC has created a net with other institutions in order to help enterprises dealing with foreign partners. Specifically, the Florence International Mediation Chamber entered in two memoranda of understanding with American Arbitration Association/ International Center for Disputes Resolution (AAA/ICDR) and SIMC (Singapore international mediation centre).

Camera di Commercio di Firenze

CAVES Piemonte

At times, treasures should be quietly and closely guarded, particularly in the case of private assets. When talking about communities, however, the heritage must be made known to the greatest number of people to enjoy its fullest value. The exact word to express this action is both direct and effective: promote.

This actual wish gives rise to the initiative among Municipal Governments of the Monregalese area, well aware of the potential ‘hidden’ treasures of three underground sites geographically located within their respective areas. The Municipalities of Frabosa Soprana, Frabosa Sottana and Villanova Mondovì, in fact, sit on a priceless treasure: the largest karst system of Piedmont, which includes the caves of Bossea, Caudano and Dossi. For this reason, it has been decided to create a network for this community heritage, in order to create, grow and develop a national and international tourist movement around this area.
The common goal of the directors is in the “Call to Promote the Area”, started by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo, to enable the basic resources to the move to actual plan of action. Thus, “CAVES, the tourist caves of the Piedmont” was created: a path already started which aims to raise the focus of attention on three sites over a period of three years; a period of work guaranteed by the multi-year funding from the bank foundation of Cuneo.

The enhancement project of the system boosts and supports the commitment of the individual bodies involved, including site managers, developing and consolidating experience already in place based on three strengths:
1. The Monregalese area was a pioneer in Italy, in terms of underground tourism;
2. The Monregalese caves are home to important remains of extinct species such as Ursus Spelaeus (Bear of the Caves), which are of considerable interest for archaeological and paleontological disciplines;
3- The landscape of the Monregalesi Valleys proposes a tourist offering particularly focusing on outdoor activities that integrate well with the experience of visiting caves.

The fascinating and spectacular underground realms of the Bossea, Caudano and Dossi caves, in addition to being a place of great interest from a scientific-naturalistic and speleological point of view, are significant archaeological and paleontological resources. A heritage that, thanks to the Call for Promotion of the Area, will be the centerpiece of an important tourism and cultural promotion. www.facebook.com/cavespiemonte | info@cavespiemonte.com

CAVES Piemonte

Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels is one of the largest lodging franchisors in the world with more than 6.400 hotels, representing more than 500.000 rooms, in over 40 other countries and territories. With nearly 500 hotels across Europe under the Comfort, Quality, Clarion Collection, Clarion and Ascend Hotel Collection brands, Choice Hotels Europe franchises 15 properties in Italy.

Choice Hotels offers the Choice Privileges® rewards program. With more than 28 million members worldwide, is one of the fastest growing hotel loyalty programs in the travel industry.




CLEVER Coaching & Training is a company based in Florence working in the professional training area and consultancy for tourism. We combine the knowledge of the hospitality market with extensive experience in business, technical and managerial training. We think that training is the first lever of development of people and organizations and a strategic component that distinguishes every successful hotel.
We design custom training activities, based on the specific needs of the company.
Our training product for hotels is experiential: using role playing and active experimentation we work on human resources development improving organizational and individual skills.



Connectis presents the “Leonardo Project”: a new concept of ICT for tourism that offers innovative solutions for the information of tourists and citizens with official media channels. Automatic Information Offices H24, mobile devices, interactive proximity tools, are just some of the proposals of “Leonardo” to the world of official tourism. Connectis collaborates since 1999 with public institutions for the management of official tourism databases and develops web-based applications for the management of portals of the Public Administration and private companies. Connectis created the web-platform for online booking of the Tuscany Regional Government. Connectis has a long experience in the development of information systems for public bodies in charge of Tourism Promotion in Tuscany. Many other public and private organizations throughout Italy are using Connectis’ systems for the promotion worldwide of accommodation facilities and of the national cultural heritage.



CoopCulture is one of the largest cooperative companies that work in the field of cultural heritage in Italy.
Thanks to its 25 years of experience, CoopCulture is a reliable partner able to offer innovative solutions to the evolving sector of management and promotion of cultural heritage, which must be strongly linked to its territory in order to give value and economic impulse to the local industries.

CoopCulture welcomes more than 11 million tourists every year and operates in more than 250 cultural sites all over Italy (in Venice, at Palazzo Ducale and Ca’ Pesaro; in Rome at the Colosseum and the National Gallery of Modern Art; in Naples at the National Museum of Capodimonte, and the archaeological areas of Pompeii and Herculaneum).

CoopCulture designs and realizes integrated systems, on site and on line, for information, booking and selling.Today, with the Artplanner, CoopCulture completes the process of integration among functionalities: ArtPlanner is an info portal, an e-store, an app, an audioguide archive and a geo- referenced map.

It’s a digital info point that allows operators to co- create, promote and sell integrated local cultural offers. ArtPlanner represents the first digital eco- system able to enhance the value of a territory.



Contactlab provides the leading engagement marketing platform for commerce-focused companies and fashion & luxury brands to develop successfully digital communication programs that enable personalized marketing to unlock demand and build lasting customer preferences. Founded in 1998, Contactlab is led by its founder Massimo Fubini, an internet industry veteran and opinion leader in the marketing field since 1995.

Thanks to our own enabling PaaS technology and to the experience of our navigated professionals, we enable brands to achieve a deeper understanding of customers, to deliver uniquely relevant messages at every touchpoint of the customer journey and to measure performances with real-time dashboards that display all the relevant data. Our enterprise-grade platform is built with the highest security level, reliability, management, scalability.

Our solutions enable brands to gain insights into the context of each customer and deepen the retail experience by delivering highly individualized digital contact plans across channels based on events, preferences and product lifecycle.

Today, we work with more than 1000 clients in different industries across the world and serve most of the world-class brands in the Luxury and Fashion sectors.



Dhynet, the one and only distributive booking engine.
A new business model that allows the incoming operator to manage the sales and marketing levers of the hotel. Not only an online booking system therefore, but a real promotion strategy to ensure a direct relationship, one-to-one with the client using exclusive technologies. Dhynet is the result of twenty years of experience in the Tourism technology and rappresent the enabler factor to revolutionize the rules of the Online Travel..


Emilia Romagna

It does not matter in which period you visit Emilia Romagna. Along the Via Emilia you can try any type of activity representing the Italian lifestyle: playing golf, skiing, visiting national, regional parks and nature reserves – perfect for cycle tourism, trekking and running. Emilia Romagna attends BTO with excellent projects: “Terre di Piero della Francesca” with its new website www.terredipiero.it, where to obtain all the information about the masterpieces of this great painter who draw inspiration for his paintings from the landscapes he had personally admired, stages of a path through regions and ruling families of his time: Emilia Romagna, “I Balconi di Piero”, Tuscany, Marche and Umbria, the six municipality (Rimini, Urbino, Sansepolcro, Monterchi, Arezzo, Perugia) which host the masterpieces of the XV-century painter, such as the wayfarers of that time on the track of the itinerant pilgrim. These same places have inspired Dante too, example of the first modern traveller who left Florence and crossed those lands to reach Ravenna.
The regional Secretariat of Emilia-Romagna MiBACT and the Tourism Promotion Agency (APT) will present the tools useful for all the operators to know the cultural heritage of a territory, locate them with accuracy, connect them to theme itineraries and provide high-resolution images to be freely reused to promote sustainable tourism. The aim is also to encourage the care and maintenance of the territory, the landscape and cultural heritage, recognizing them as key resources for the future.

Emilia Romagna

ENEL Energia

Enel Energia is the biggest energy supplier on the free market in Italy. As sector leader, it trades and distributes gas and electricity and offering a wide range of home energy plans and provides also HomeCare products ensuring different kind of protection for boiler, heating, electrics & plumbing.

Enel advances sustainability in Italy and offers a range of products for energy efficiency, like smart washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and more. Only top quality appliances to respect the environment.

But it is also many other useful and enjoyable things for your life! It is spreading e-mobility culture providing e-bikes and e-car together with public and private charging stations and services and is the trustworthy partner of many Italian companies and businesses with a range of products to suit every business.

Enel Energia is a world full of energy. Sustainable, innovative, easy and responsible.

ENEL Energia


FASTBOOKING’s e-commerce solutions will help your hotel increase profit through a direct sales strategy.
With an extensive array of cutting-edge e-commerce solutions on offer, FASTBOOKING brings the digital traveler to hotels’ doorstep.We offer hoteliers tailor-made strategies and on-going expert advice, boosting their direct sales, improving their operating results and helping them get greater independence.

Our growth and client loyalty are not only the result of the quality of our technologies. They are also strongly influenced by the unrivalled consulting services and customer support we provide our clients throughout our collaboration.

The Account Managers who work with you are Internet natives and experienced in the hospitality industry. They will keep you up to date with ever-evolving, cutting-edge marketing techniques most appropriate for the economic context as well as advise you on how to get the most out of our products and solutions.


Firenze Convention & Visitors Bureau

Firenze Convention & Visitors Bureau is the official partner of the Municipality of Florence operating since 1995 as destination promoter of the city with the aim to increase quantity, quality and scientific importance of events, conferences and International weddings held in the city. In fact, Tuscany for Weddings” is the new division of FCVB dedicated to destination weddings.
The numerous partnerships and premium relationships with hotels, conference facilities, local professional organisers, locations and event suppliers, allow FCVB to provide the most efficient and incisive action. FCB only is capable of sourcing the best existing rates for all venues and any kind of service, and provides unique contracting facilitations, providing event planners with a vast array of cost and time-effective solutions.

Firenze Convention e Visitors Bureau

Flaccovio Editore

Web Book is a book series created by Dario Flaccovio Editore to bring a breath of fresh air on the shelves of Internet-dedicated books. The topics range from personal branding to usability, from creative design of a website to how to manage a blog, from content management to social media strategy. Web Book has no texts for academical world but is addressed to web marketing beginners and:

  • Professionals, always looking for new material to study
  • Companies, to be able to organize a briefing with other professionals
  • Freelancers and agencies, which often act independently on the Web.
Flaccovio Editore


GeCo Srl was created by joining the marketing proficiencies, sales promotion capabilities and experience in hotel management of VIVAHOTEL – a hotel management company – with the expertise of other companies and individuals specialized in the  different areas of the Hospitality Industry. GECO S.r.l. is specialized in:


– REVENUE MANAGEMENT AND IDS MANAGEMENT: optimized management of the Internet Distribution Systems (online travel agencies), revenue management and maximization of the induced visibility.

– SALE PROMOTION AND REPRESENTATION: sales development via traditional and electronic distribution channels in accordance with the characteristics of the property.


– CONSULTANCY: strategic, marketing and operational consultancy, analysis of the property/organization needs, creation of dedicated action plans, and their execution.

– HOTEL ASSESSMENT: a complete analysis of the hotel to achieve competitiveness and the maximum possible efficiency on the cost and revenue areas.

– MANAGEMENT COACHING: support and coaching of the hotel management via management contract or assistance contract.

– DIRECT MANAGEMENT: direct management of hotels and resorts.

– PRACTICABILITY STUDIES: analysis of hotels and resorts projects. Business Plan formulation. Planning support.



Gest-Cooper, based in Turin, is the operational department of Confcooperative Fedagri Piemonte: a trade association made up of about 250 agricultural cooperatives and consortia belonging to many agribusiness sectors.

Fedagri Piemonte and Gest-Cooper provide lots of services to their members: information, technical assistance, corporate, tax; research and field studies, upgrades, training courses, support in traceability.

The promotional activities have always been really important for the agricultural system, especially to promote and disseminate cooperative values.

With the project “Piacere Piemonte”, Gest-Cooper wants to make Cooperatives more known, mostly through organized tours and tasting events, during which the producers can directly talk about their activity and they can better transmit their passion, their seriousness and the transparency of their work that means, mainly, quality products.

Everything happens in beautiful landscapes, that will surprise you.



Gestione Albergo

GestioneAlbergo is not a simple software house, but it’s the only one able to provide all the solutions for hospitality.

GestioneAlbergo develops and sells a complete package of software solutions and services like PMS, rate allocator, booking-engine, web-sites; GestioneAlbergo represents the ideal partner for the hotel: the e-commerce area (online revenue, web marketing, web reputation and social networks) completes the management area (front office and back office, accounting and revenue analysis).

Gestione Albergo

GP Dati

GP Dati Hotel Service SpA is a leading company in the business of software and services for hotels, with around 1,000 systems currently installed in Italy and Europe.
Headquartered in Venice, GP Dati Hotel Service was founded in 1981, as part of GP Pellegrini Group, with the mission of designing and developing software applications for companies in the hotel industry.
Our team’s experience and the company’s vocation for technological innovation has always enabled us to provide multiple specialized skills, ensuring the highest levels of performance for our clients.

Scrigno – more than just a PMS
Scrigno is a web-based suite designed to provide hotel management with a unique management system for all the strategic areas of a hospitality company. The value of Scrigno lies in its use of just one single, centralized database for all its applications.
The objective is to coherently acquire data from all the transactions made in the operative departments: marketing can profile the customer base, launch focused promotional campaigns and process feedback; sales can maximize profits using all the distribution channels; and administration and control can monitor the business performances with accurate management control.
All this is achieved by exploiting the streamlined, high-performance and secure infrastructure.
Scrigno can be accessed in many ways due to its cloud solution: fully web-based and usable with tablet PCs, it has a modular, scalable structure and, thanks to the hosting formula, guarantees high levels of security in regard to data and privacy. This eliminates the need for investments in hardware, and ensures high performance and a system that is always up-to date.
Developed on an Oracle platform, Scrigno is now available in the ‘software as a service’ formula that permits the use of GP Dati’s advanced software applications as if it were a set of services paid-for on the basis of effective use.

Hotel-LAB.com – web & consulting division
Thanks to the hotel-LAB.com business unit, GP Dati offers strategic support for consulting and web projects.
hotel-LAB.com is skilled in technological solutions and strategies for online sales and digital marketing.
hotel-LAB cutting edge product is the new online booking that innovatively integrates a CMS (content management system) with a booking engine. Fully integrated through web services it is conceived to maximize conversion rate thanks to a very smooth usability and great user experience:, it allows a more accurate and elegant presentation of the contents, and a customizable layout, coherent with the look & feel of the hotel web site and under its domain name. The booking engine is also fully integrated into the Scrigno management suite, with the advantage that bookings, availability and rates are managed in real time by the PMS (Property Management System).
hotel-LAB.com provides also web site projects, SEO, web & social marketing strategies.

GP Dati

Hotel CC

édita supports hotel owners in their new challenges: visibility, disintermediation and reputation thanks to a supporting model based on the new figure of the guardian angel.
It provides updated training (because the market is changing fast) and online tools like hotel.cc (which enables the hotel owner to spend more time with their guests) with conversion rates of contacts never seen before.



HOTELCUBE Property Management Software is modern and innovative and offers specific features for each kind of hotel business.

Developed and constantly improved by Proxima Service’s specialized team. HOTELCUBE has already been the choice of more than 600 hotel managers as an essential tool for the management of their small or large hotels.

Also available in its Cloud version, can easily be adapted both to the needs of Individual Hotels whit one server and Hotel Clusters, Timeshares or Hotel Chains, with more servers and central Headquarters.

– Cloud: reduces IT maintenance costs and maximizes security.
– Complete and modular: to manage every aspect of your hotel business (Project Management Software, F & B, Meeting, SPA, CRM, Business Intelligence).
– Perfectly integrated: full interface with several accounting systems, Booking Engines, Channel Manager, building automation and electronic banking systems, switchboards and pay-TVs.
– Guaranteed assistance 365 a year

Proxima Service provides:
– Systems engineering and software applications consulting
– Consulting for Business intelligence
– Consulting for performance audits (Uniform System of Accounting)
– Customization



HOXELL is an innovative online platform interacting between two main actors of the hotel “Guest Expereince”: guest and staff. It was born from a working team in Lugano (Switzerland) and from the plurennial experience of a hotelier family. HOXELL is an indispensable help for all receptive structures, that want to distinguish themselves thanks to an even more attentive and personalized service for their guests.
Thanks to the automatic synchronized system having the hotelier PMS and the data import regarding the booking, the system offers more than 300 features, from the dispatch of personalized emails to the guest (before and after the stay), to the communication of urgent breakdowns in the room, all the information are shared in real time with every department (Booking Centre, Reception, Housekeeping, Maintenance e Food & Beverage) improving the efficiency and optimizing the operative costs.
Another feature of the platform, which makes it nowadays unique on an International level, is the possibility given to the guests to personalize their stay through their MyPage, always guaranteeing a unique and custom-made stay. From the online check-in before the arrival, to the choice of the room temperature, the cushion typology, the minibar drinks, museums and shows entry tickets to live better the town…many are the possibilities of personalization depending on the room typology or from the duration of the stay.



A pioneer and global technology leader, IDeaS Revenue Solutions – a SAS Company offers industry-leading pricing and revenue software, services and consulting for business of all types and sizes in the global hospitality and travel industries.

Founded in 1989, IDeaS has been serving the hospitality industry for over 20 years, having even been called on by industries as far-ranging as parking, airlines, transportation and event ticketing. We transform the right data into clear and actionable insight, so that our clients can price, forecast and report with speed and confidence, improving business performance. Our solutions drive thousands of pricing decisions every second for hospitality businesses across the world.

IDeaS was acquired in 2008 by SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN with our Global Technology Center located in Pune, India, IDeaS maintains sales, support and distribution offices in North & South America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and Asia.



inLOMBARDIA is the Official Tourism Board of the Lombardy Region, providing tourists with a multi-functional and experience-based service to explore the local destinations. It brings together all the provinces of the region and shares the best of the best from the smallest towns to the largest cities, responding in terms of communication to regional strategies for operating in a federated way with an experience-based product proposal.
With inLombardia you’ll find information, updates, detailed information, photos & videos, and plenty of travel proposals, including accommodations and services exclusive to the region.
The main goal of the inLOMBARDIA brand is to provide a regional significance to several destination microbrands that may seem unrelated to the eyes of tourists. It works in close collaboration with local entities, associations, and operators in order to better advertise broad-reaching initiatives employing a synergetic and effective joint promotion model.

inLOMBARDIA was created by Explora SCpA, an institutional company composed of Regione Lombardia, the Milan Chamber of Commerce, and Unioncamere of Lombardy.


Lo Scalco

In the past “scalco” was the titlegiven to the responsible of theRoyal Family or those of largelandowners and on importantoccasioni importaoccasions directed th occasions directed the feast of theLord.“…And with nods to theSCALCOallo scalco poi SCALCO then commands that(Ariosto) relies for canteen and the food..»(Ariosto)

Today “Lo Scalco” thanks to his many years of experience, overseees with elegance and modern style,offering a complete service of banqueting at home or in prestigious locations.

The knowledge of the banqueting,combined with professional advice andthe availability of the staff, allow therealization of events throughout the Italyand abroad.

We propose farms with accommodation, privateresidences, ancient buildings, palaces, villas,castles, museums, lofts, industrial architecturespaces, searching each time the most suitablesolution for any event.We suggest any kind of spaces and we transformgardens, wheat fileds, beaches, courtyards ofMedieval villages and all other open spaces,realizing with flair and skills sets designed fromtime to time to give unforgettable emotions.

The creativity is the basis for all kind of set up andfrom this often determines the success of theevent.We develope ideas realizing a project and a layoutthat allows you to preview the expected scene.For us every event is unique and deserves to beremembered.

We do a selection of the best ingredients, blendingthem in a great mix of tradition, innovation andseasonality.The expressed realization of the courses, alongwith the attention to details and passion to ourprofession, are the best guarantee for thepresentation of each course.We propose regional menus, international,Renaissance, ethnic and in harmony with thetheme you request.

Lo Scalco

Merci Travel

Merci Travel, travel agency and tour operator located in Tuscany near Pistoia, is specialized in the incoming tourist industry. We offer a wide selection of services: hotels, restaurants, tourist guides and event organization booking, addressed both for individual customers and groups.
By boasting twenty years of experience and acting by a big passion for tourism, our young and dynamic team has created two projects of tourism online: Visit Toscane and Flee.tours.

Visit Toscane is the new “interactive window” dedicated to the tourism in Tuscany, which is able to meet all customer requirements: the user can not only directly book hotels, restaurants and museum tickets but also consult local events and news or request information on transfers or guided tours.

Flee.tours is the online platform of sales of tourist products focused on the entire Italian territory. We present a “package formula”, which provide a match between the hotel stay and the activities of great interest to the customer: wellness programs, tastings or cultural experiences. The user can create his customized holiday, by selecting among the various activities offered by Flee.tours.

Merci Travel

MM One Group

MM-ONE is the Digital Agency that for 15 years has been in the forefront to make the Internet the best working tool for tourism industry.
Our mission is leading Hotels, Hotel chains, Residences, Apartments, Agritourisms and Touristic Destination to improve and expand their Business potentials on the Web, developing personalized digital strategies.
We share paths of online growth with our clients, creating digital projects aiming to the increase of direct sales. Our Digital Personal Coach team helps businesses to develop the best online sale strategy, analyzing sales performances and defining the right combination of prices, channels, markets and targets.
We carry out SEO activities at international level, ADV and PPC Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Brand Awareness, Digital PR, Online Listening and Sentiment analysis, besides creating full responsive websites. The crucial tool for the management of online bookings is BookingOne, our no commissions booking engine.

MM One Group

Mr. Breakfast

A good breakfast makes the difference. It makes the difference inside and outside the home. Mr Breakfast knows it and for this reason Mr Breakfast has been very committed over the years to offer at its client san increasing range of products and machines. All Mr Breakfast’s products are organized and presented in a high recognizable style. The Italian breakfast, the International breakfast, the breakfast designed for children, more than the typical attention for the new wellness boundaries, from Bio Lifestyle to the Gluten-free diet, from Vegan to whole foods.
And finally, the last great bet: Superfood.
Superfood is a selction of seed, trail mix and dried fruit to support this increasingly pronunced trend al lover the world.
Mr Breakfast has focused very much upon the presentation and the setting up of its products. Mr Breakfaat is always able to provide solutions for every need, thanks to its effective and direct communication that is based on original exhibitors and a creative organization of space. Mr Breakfast also offers a consultancy service at the organizational level and a service of identification of the target audience. In addition to this, Mr guarantees a 24-hour assistance service, 365 days a year. The Mr Breakfast customers will never feel alone.

Mr. Breakfast

MR Service

We strongly believe in the power of communication between customers and suppliers and in listening to the needs of each user to find together the right solution to the right situation. Unified Communications are the means by which we can get in touch with the company and help it make business by improving communications and customer care. The customer should always be at the center of every business process is the only way he will live an exciting experience and come back to us.

Mr Service


MyForecast is a “Forecast On Line” for the analysis of historical data and the management of daily pricing policies.
It is the result of Sicaniasc several years experience and daily work on analysis and development, using dozens of tools and different management software. Working together with hundreds of hotels, each one different from the others, we realized that we were missing a tool that could put together, all in one place, all the data needed for a forecast analysis based both on historical data and on current year objectives.
For this reasons we created MyForecast, a 100% web-based software that supports the Hotel right in the application of the daily rates without replacing the evaluation of the professional.
It can be integrated with any PMS and Channel Manager to send prices to all connected channels, making it a powerful and complete Hotel rates management tool.
MyForecast is a brand Sicaniasc.
Info: +39 095494395 | info@myforecast.it



We support hoteliers in implementing Hotel Marketing strategies placing direct sales as the main channel of revenue.

Through the strategyATTRACT » CONVERT » SHARE “The Next Hotel Marketing Standard” we have identified an effective path in order to merge modern hospitality web distribution needs with the main goal of maximizing revenues.

– Meta-Search Advertising
– Search Engine Advertising
– Remarketing

– High Performing Booking Engine
– Mulitidevice CMS
– Emotional Web Design & Landing Pages

– Social Media Marketing
– Brand Advocacy

Since 1996 we support hotel managers by providing tailored solutions to improve their online direct sales results.


Oracle Hospitality

Oracle Hospitality provides leading applications and hardware for the hospitality industry. Our hotel management, point-of-sale, distribution, mobility, food & beverage and reporting solutions are utilized by hotel operators globally.
Using 35 years of industry expertise, Oracle Hospitality helps you deliver exceptional guest experiences while cutting IT cost and complexity.

Oracle Hospitality

Oscar Wifi

Oscar is an innovative software platform that has evolved over the years thanks to the valuable contribution of many hoteliers and which conceives WiFi as a “means of communication” through which a hotel is able to communicate with its guests and vice versa.
The key points of the package are the following: sociability, customer profiling, local offers and upselling services, brand monitoring and an “emotions diffuser”.
Designed to be of service to the customer, the platform “speaks” 8 languages including Chinese, Russian, and Brazilian and allows “Social Login” to 13 social networks. The classics – Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc. – have recently been joined by Chinese sites QQ, Weibo, Tencent, Renren as well as the Russian site VKontacte.Simple and very flexible both in implementation and use, the system is currently operating in about 500 accommodation facilities of various types throughout Italy.
Oscar WiFi is developed and distributed by InWYA.


Paraty Tech

Cloud based revenue and Marketing innovative solutions for the tourism sector focused on increasing direct sales and reducing intermediary costs. We offer a 360º service that include precise tools, marketing in all its guises and stages, quality communication, meticulous revenue management as well as comprehensive business intelligence in order to increase bookings through the official web site. With +1000 clients including international main companies like Melia, Iberostar, Barceló Hotels Paraty is a leading technical provider of on-line direct distribution solutions. We partner with hotels in a win-win business model and help them optimize their online distribution and ensure they grow their margin per booking. Paraty SaaS Technology can be embedded in Hotel website to offer immediate bookings. We provide the entire web strategy and software to maximize online presence and boost direct sales. We are headquartered inn Spain with subsidiary in Portugal and Italy.

Paraty Tech

pod.camp by reMedia

reMedia is a Digital Company that creates and offers products and services for online business development. Founded in 1999, it stands today as a technological partner for the design and development of creative web based solutions. Its Cloud First philosophy, a strong orientation towards the mobile world and a continuous updating process are just a few of its strengths. reMedia is a place where diverse but complementary professionals meet, interact and cooperate, allowing the company to provide a 360° web consultancy service.

One of the core business of reMedia is the Open Air Tourism Industry, an area of excellence of the Italian tourism market that is rapidly growing. The big players in the Open Air field have started using the services of reMedia, allowing the company to develop a strong expertise in this sector and a deep know-how of its dynamics, logics and mechanisms.
Today reMedia is a strategic partner for the development of the online presence (web design, web marketing and reputation), and in the management of structures. reMedia has developed POD.CAMP an ecosystem of cloud-based solutions tailored for all the strategic planning and management activities of structures that operate in the Open Air Tourism industry, such as campsites, groups of campsites and holiday parks.


Promo Firenze – Enteprise Europe Network

PromoFirenze, the Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence, is official contact point of the Enterprise Europe Network – EEN, managed by European Commission- Directorate General GROWTH, within COSME Programme. The Network aims at supporting small and medium enterprises in their internationalization and innovation processes.
EEN includes more than 600 offices located in more than 60 countries. Companies in particular SMEs, companies, clusters, research centers and universities, public and private organizations could be provided by following services:

Support on growth and development in International markets:
– Practical advice on doing business in another country
– Information on EU laws and standards
– Advice on EU Funding

Partnership development:
– Matchmaking and brokerage events where SMEs can meet potential business partners, partners search – trough the Partnering Opportunities Database – aimed at meeting/finding potential business partners for developing commercial and technological cooperation
– Partner search for participating in European Programmes

Support on innovation
– Innovation management capacity assessment
– Advise on intellectual property
– Advice and help for innovative SMEs to access R&I funding (e.g. H2020, SME Instrument)

Contribution to law –making
– Through open public consultations, It is possible to express its own views on EU Regulation and EU Directives.

European Commission and Enterprise Europe Network cover the services costs.

Promo Firenze - Enteprise Europe Network

Regione Puglia

Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot, sits between two seas: the Adriatic to the East and the Ionian to the south. This strategic position, combined with more than 800 kilometers of beautiful coast-line, has shaped the region’s history and development. Puglia is known as the natural Italian gate to the East of the Mediterranean area.A landscape made of green rolling hills showcases small historical towns surrounded by lush green olive groves and vineyards. Miles of coastline alternate little harbors with fortresses and lighthouses to white sandy beaches and crystal clear water.Puglia is a region which combines ancient traditions with modern lifestyle. The warm hospitality of the people from Puglia make visitors feel at home.


By plane: Puglia International Airports of Bari and Brindisi are directly connected with the International hubs of Rome, Milan, Istanbul, Munich and Zurich and with the cities of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Bruxelles, Bucharest, Budapest, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Karlsruhe, London, Moscow, Prague, Paris, Riga, Stuttgart and, Warsaw.

By train: High-speed railway – Eurostar – connections with Rome (4 hours). Local trains connect major cities with most of the regional.

By car & motorcycle:In Puglia there is an excellent network of Highways and National Roads connecting the region’s north and south with the main cities of south and centre Italy. Rome 430 km, Naples 260 km, Bologna 670 km.

By bus: There are daily services from Rome, Boulogne and Milan to Foggia, Bari, Brindisi, Lecce and Taranto.Bus services in Puglia are provided by a variety of companies and it is possible to get to any regional location.

By ferry: Direct car/passenger ferries connects Bari and Brindisi ports with Greece, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania.

Cruises: Bari is part of the cruise ship itineraries of some of the most important companies of the Mediterranean.

Find out more information about Puglia on the official websites:
viaggiareinpuglia.it , the regional tourism site;
weareinpuglia.it , the regional site for international promotion;
agenziapugliapromozione.it , DMS – Destination Management System a platform through which the regional tourism system can plan promotional activities on tourism, to create the profile of your company and promote the activities offered through different promotion channels (trade shows, events and workshops).

Follow us on @viaggiarepuglia @pugliaevents: Facebook, Flickr, Issuu, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, FourSquare

Regione Puglia


ReviewPro is the leading provider of Guest Intelligence solutions to independent hotel brands worldwide. The company’s suite of cloud-based solutions includes Online Reputation Management (ORM) and the Guest Survey Solution (GSS), which enable clients to obtain a deeper understanding of reputation performance as well as operational/service strengths and weaknesses. We provide actionable insight to increase guest satisfaction, rankings on review sites/OTAs and revenue.

The company offers the industry-standard Global Review Index™ (GRI), an online reputation score, which is used by thousands of hotels worldwide as a benchmark for reputation management efforts, based on review data collected from 175 OTAs and review sites in more than 45 languages. More than 30,000 hotels worldwide are currently using ReviewPro’s solutions including AtaHotels, Kempinski, UNA Hotels & Resorts, Loews, Blu Hotels, The Library Collection, Royal Group Hotels & Resorts, CitizenM and Sina Hotels.



Sabre Corporation is a leading technology provider to the global travel and tourism industry. Sabre operates a leading global travel marketplace, which processes more than $120 billion of estimated travel spend annually by connecting travel buyers and suppliers. Our software, data, mobile and distribution solutions are used by hundreds of airlines and thousands of hotel properties to manage critical operations, including passenger and guest reservations, revenue management, flight, network and crew management.Sabre’s travel marketplace plays an important role in facilitating the marketing and sale of airfares, hotel rooms, rental cars, rail tickets and other types of travel, to more than 475,000 travel agents and thousands of corporations who use it to shop, book and manage travel.
Headquartered in Southlake, Texas, USA, Sabre serves customers in more than 160 countries around the world.


Serenissima Informatica

People, software and services for the Hospitality industry.
We are specialists in software and management processes of the hospitality industry, professionals dedicated to customer satisfaction.Our corporate culture places the customer at the center, starting from the assessment of their needs, with the customization of business software, with the care in project implementation and support services of the highest quality 24/7.
We offer to hotels, resorts and hotel chains international software for the management and control of companies: centralized Property Management System, integrations with OLTA and GDS, systems to stimulate demand through CRM, management of restaurants, SPA and thermal spas, administration and management control with USALI, BI for data analysis, mobile access to systems with tablets, smartphones, iPad, iPod and iPhone, and hosting services.
With a team of 150 people, offices in Padua and Barcelona (ES), skills in business software, Business Bntelligence, in the hardware platform and system solutions, hosting services and cloud computing, we are the partner in charge of the whole information system of our customers.

Serenissima Informatica

Simple Booking

Simple Booking riunisce in sé booking engine, channel manager, mobile e social booking engine così non rischi mai problemi di incompatibilità. Simple Booking nasconde la sua potenza dietro a un’interfaccia intuitiva ed efficace; i clienti troveranno la miglior tariffa con un click, mentre lo staff potrà gestire tutto il business online alla velocità della luce.
Con Simple Booking sei sempre sicuro di restare al passo con le ultime novità di mercato e di non perdere nemmeno un’occasione per accrescere le vendite. Non a caso il software è Premium Partner dei più importanti metasearch mondiali e il channel manager XML a due vie aggiunge ogni giorno la possibilità di connettersi a nuove OTA, IDS e GDS e a tutti i PMS. Così puoi raggiungere più clienti, più velocemente e senza sforzi.
Le nuove funzionalità di CRM, remarketing e retargeting, poi, ti aiuteranno a rimanere in contatto con gli utenti che non hanno ancora prenotato, aumentando le vendite senza alcun sforzo e assicurandoti un ROI straordinario per le tue campagne marketing.
Il software protegge i tuoi dati e quelli dei tuoi ospiti con il sistema di sicurezza PCI DSS Level 1 in fase di prenotazione ed è l’unico in Italia dotato di Rate Match by Simple Booking, un innovativo sistema che ti assicura di mostrare ai clienti sempre il prezzo più conveniente, aumentando i tassi di conversione come mai prima d’ora.
Tu lo amerai. I tuoi collaboratori lo ameranno. E i tuoi clienti non potranno far altro che prenotare!

Simple Booking


As the leading cloud platform for hotels, SiteMinder allows hotels to attract, reach and convert guests across the globe. We serve hotels of all sizes with award-winning solutions for independents and groups alike, wherever they are in the world.

SiteMinder’s products include The Channel Manager, the industry’s leading online distribution platform; TheBookingButton, a wholly-branded booking engine for direct bookings via the web, mobile or social; Canvas, the intelligent website creator for independent hoteliers; Prophet, the real-time market intelligence solution that takes the guesswork out of pricing rooms; and GDS by SiteMinder, a single-point of entry to a six-figure network of travel agents and the world’s major GDSs. With more than 20,000 hotel customers and 400 of the industry’s top connectivity providers as our partners, today we have presence in more than 160 countries on six continents.


Spotty Wi-Fi

Spotty is the tool for success that, in just over a year, has helped over 250 accommodations to climb the TripAdvisor rankings. How does he do? Thanks to the potential of the connection, and the most delicate moments of the travelers stay: the first and last days.

Spotty wi-fi is a hotspot that connects to the existing connection in the structure, to become an interface between the hotel and the customer. The first advantage of providing an interface, simple and customizable, it affects the data collection phase of each client.

What happens, however, during the first and last day of the stay? Spotty will send automatically two questionnaires: the first will be short, and sent within the first 24 hours at the hotel, thus allowing the hotelier to know first impressions of the customer and make up for any dissatisfaction.

The second satisfaction questionnaire will thus be a tool capable of preventing the negative reviews, and encourage the compilation of positive reviews.

Collecting profiled data, the combination of the two questionnaires and the extreme simplicity of use for hotel owners and customers, have made Spotty the trump card of small and large hotels, throughout Italy.

Spotty Wi-Fi

Sysdat Turismo

Sysdat Turismo srl is more than 35 years as one of major companies in the field of Information Technology in Italian territory.

More than 1500 installations and more than 100 employees specialized in providing optimum services and customer care are the power of Sysdat Turismo srl.

Steadily updated and continuously developed has obtained one of the highest positions with its global 360° solutions starts from the PMS to Web Solution, Accounting management, food and beverage management and human resource administration are fully interfaced with advanced Business intelligent systems.

With Hardware devices of the whole infrastructure technology of the property form a complete turnkey offer.

A unique supplier that gathers all the necessary information to help the property to enhance and optimize future sales strategies.

Sysdat Turismo

Travel Appeal

Travel Appeal is a startup incubated by H-FARM which operates in digital communication and big data analysis for the travel industry. Travel Appeal Index is a proprietary technol-ogy created to collect and analyse data related to destinations: thanks to a proprietary algo-rithm it is able to return a normalised score. Travel Appeal Index is the core of various products for web reputation monitoring and analysis about hotels, restaurants, cities, regions and DMO. The product which has already been validated by the market is a new generation reputation manager thought for the hospitality industry (hotels, B&Bs, lodgings etc.) and for restaurants to manage and improve their appeal on the web. It also provides customers with strategic advices to take practical actions and then it monitors and measures in real time the results of these actions. Travel Appeal has been founded in 2013; nowadays the team has 16 members.

Travel Appeal


TravelClick has been the market and product leader for more than 15 years, providing ecommerce solutions. More than 38,000 hotels of all types and sizes benefit from using our solutions.
We are hotel experts dedicated to serving the needs of hoteliers. Discover our 5 business lines work together.



At trivago, we are focused on empowering our 120 million monthly travelers to find their ideal hotel at the lowest rate by offering total transparency of the online hotel market. Our team of over 1000 creative and focused minds from all corners of the globe are working to develop fast, game-changing, unbiased, consumer-centric products — in order to better not only what we do, but the industry as a whole. Using trivago’s hotel search, you can sift through over 1 million hotels, from 250 booking sites and hotel chains in 190 countries, at once. Founded in 2005, trivago currently operates on 55 live international platforms in 33 languages.



UniCredit is a leading European commercial bank operating in 17 countries, with over 142,000 employees, over 7,500 branches and an international network that spans over 40 markets.

Our strategic position in Western and Central and Eastern Europe enables us to command one of highest market shares in the region.

While our brand is recognizable all over Europe, we have preserved the highly valuable local brands of banks that we acquired to form our Group.


VacanzeAnimali.it – VacanzeconBimbi.it

VACANZEANIMALI.IT, with more than 10 million page views per year and a constant presence at the top of the Search Engines, is the reference portal for pet-friendly accommodation Tourism in Italy to 4 Paws.Visitors can contact more than 6,000 Farmhouses, Hotels, Resorts, Campgrounds, Restaurants, Beaches, and other facilities that accept dogs and other animals.Even on the road, thanks to a brand new version of Mobile and Free Apps for iPhone and Android in a few minutes you can organize holidays with your furry friends.

VACANZECONBIMBI.IT is the website of choice for thousands of families to better organize holidays with their children throughout Italy by the sea, in the mountains, in the countryside or in the cities of art.Search through thousands of tourist facilities and accommodation with specific services for children and infants; a special section devoted to teaching farms as well as many travel ideas is also present.The colorful version of the site for Smartphones and Apps for iOS and Android, allowing easy navigation on-the-go.

VacanzeAnimali.it / VacanzeconBimbi.it


30 YEARS OF BREAKFASTS. Valgarda founded in 1989 as a company operating in the catering sector offering specific solutions and ideas for breakfast, with a focus on functionality, efficiency, hygiene and taste. Headquartered in Ponti sul Mincio (MN) Italy today, with Valgarda Breakfast brand, the company carries out its activities in Italy and abroad by providing, through the formula of the free loan of use, specific equipment for the administration and preparation of foods and drinks of the breakfast: hot and cold drinks, jams, yogurt, pancakes and more.


Wi-Fi Hotel

Wi-Fi Hotel is the most advanced and widespread Wi-Fi management and marketing automation platform for the hospitality industry.

With 10 millions yearly users and over 2000 installed systems in Italy and abroad in independent hotels, hotel chains, resorts and campgrounds, Wi-Fi Hotel represents the state of the art in the field of digital services for the hospitality sector.

Wi-Fi Hotel allows any type of accommodation facility to provide guests with the best Internet access service they can expect, featuring ease of access, convenience of use with any device and maximum performance.

Alongside, the platform can transform any existing public access Wi-Fi network in a powerful communication, interaction and marketing tool, enabling innovative features for promoting the business and its services, maximize customer loyalty and increase the web reputation.

Wi-Fi Hotel is developed by Nexis srl. The platform can be enabled over existing Wi-Fi networks or integrated into customized turnkey projects.

Wi-Fi Hotel