GestioneAlbergo: Neuromarketing – the first research about travel

We present the first scientific research dedicated to the discovery of the emotions felt by travelers who book online.

We have analyzed for 6 months brain waves of over 100 travelers to increase the conversion and direct sales.

The purpose of the research is WHY!

What happens in the brain of a traveler while surfing in your web-site, or in your booking engine or in
We measured in a scientific way what are the levers that excite during reservation process.

Luca Vescovi of GestioneAlbergo and Federica Montaguti, Senior Researcher at the International Centre for Studies on Tourism Economics will unveil the levers to use on your websites in order to boost direct turnover.

Product Presentation promoted by GestioneAlbergo and Venice University Cà Foscari

Keynote Speaker
Luca Vescovi GestioneAlbergo
Federica Montaguti Senior researcher del Centro Internazionale di Studi sull’Economia Turistica CISET

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