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Sysdat Turismo: CRM

Customer Relation Management, Known as CRM, is an approach to manage and improve business relationship with customers. For a lodging service as Hotel establishment, interact with the current and potential future customers, analyze-data about customers’ history and focusing on customer retention through CRM is the way to drive sales growth. Strategies and professional training provided.. Read more »


WiFi Hotel: Il Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi: from necessary evil for the hotelier, to essential loyalty, reputation and sales tool: 8 ways to offer an outstanding service inside and outside the hotel… profiting from it

Starting from the first years of adoption of Wi-Fi systems within the hospitality industry, hoteliers experienced the growth in the demand for Wi-Fi Internet access in different ways: the initial excitement for a new revenue source has been quickly replaced by the disappointment caused by having to offer the service for free, still forced to.. Read more »

FCVB: WHY! The importance of being a private company for working with Institutions

Florence Convention and Visitors Bureau has chosen a model of governance which created a virtuous system of collaboration between tourism operators and local Institutions. The story of a DMO: from MICE to wedding and leisure, from public to private. Finally, the preview of a unique platform in Italy which presents and sells the entire tourism.. Read more »


Micros Oracle: Millennials and Hospitality: A Redefinition of Service

2 Billion Millennials Globally: What Do They Want From Hospitality Operators? The millennial generation is larger than baby boomers or Gen X. Learn how you can win the business of this unique group of individuals by:– Tailoring your offerings to align with millennials’ different technology preferences– Offering the perfect balance of mobile technology and personalized.. Read more »


GestioneAlbergo: Neuromarketing – the first research about travel

We present the first scientific research dedicated to the discovery of the emotions felt by travelers who book online. We have analyzed for 6 months brain waves of over 100 travelers to increase the conversion and direct sales. The purpose of the research is WHY! What happens in the brain of a traveler while surfing.. Read more »

Nozio Business: Do you get very few direct bookings? Maybe you’re missing something!

Do you have a website with a booking engine, but the travel intermediaries are still taking the cake? Are you investing in expensive advertising campaigns without having them generate the bookings you’d expect? If the answer to these questions is “Yes”, then your strategy or the tools you use to apply it are not enough!.. Read more »


HotelCube: Don’t wait to discover from reviews what your customers wish: find it out first with the Business Intelligence

Don’t wait to discover from reviews what your customers wish: find it out first with the Business Intelligence. Why should the customers join our hotel? Why should the customers return in our hotel, if they already stayed with us? It’s their choose, but it’s our ability to influence their decision, who makes the difference. Do.. Read more »



Hoxell is an innovative work system for excellence in hospitality standards. It combines software and people to improve guest satisfaction and grow customer loyalty through staff empowerment. Perfectly interfaced with your PMS, our platform enables a deep interaction between a hotel’s guests and staff, providing outstanding customer service by constantly engaging with them at multiple.. Read more »


BookAssist: Inside the mind of a traveller: 7 reasons why he (doesn’t) book a room in our website

I guess you all already know it but, in order to figure out how to get more reservations on the hotel website, you simply need to change the point of view as a traveller: let’s discover together why it is important to have a dynamic website which clearly shows the Unique Selling Points of the.. Read more »


Siteminder: Understanding the hotel distribution landscape to improve the performance of your hotel

The goal of this presentation is to help attendees improve their hotel’s performance through an understanding of the current hotel distribution landscape, with its key players, its challenges, as well as the necessary tools to maximise the opportunities. Product Presentation promoted by SiteminderRead more »

CLEVER Coaching & Training: Bank Robbery! Tools and strategies to increase your hotel’s performances

Do you ever feel like you could do more with your hotel? No problem, during our workshop you will find out how to optimize your resources and get better results… with a bank robbery! Don’t worry, it’s not a real bank robbery (maybe…), it’s an innovative method and an interactive way to learn useful techniques.. Read more »

ReviewPro: Guest Intelligence, an unprecedented opportunity for hospitality professionals

Savvy hoteliers realize that they are in the expectation management business, with each individual traveler looking for a different experience. In today’s competitive hotel marketplace, the key to success is finding a way to exceed guest’s expectations. Join this discussion to hear how leading organizations are leveraging Guest Intelligence to delight and surprise their guests,.. Read more »


Generazione Z Travel Payment

The best payment is the payment you don’t have to think about-well, as long as your bank accounts balance is fine.How should future travel payment be designed? Scenario thinking might be the only way to find an effective and successful way through themanifold opportunities that come along with the disruptive change that is caused by.. Read more »

POD.CAMP by reMedia: why! We make camping smarter!

In Italy Open Air tourism includes nearly 2,700 companies, 20k jobs and a capacity of over 1 million 400k beds, for an annual turnover of approximately 3 billion euro, considering all related industries. This market segment is expanding rapidly. It deals every day with increasingly demanding and diversified targets and offers sophisticated accommodation options, which.. Read more »