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Tales of a mad notary and some young guys from Favara

In Italian

Emilio Casalini – Author of “Rifondata sulla Bellezza” (Refounded on Beauty), publisher and journalist – has come up with a particularly ‘WHY’ topic for BTO 2016!

The guest is a most unusual personage: the “mad” notary Andrea Bartoli.

At Favara in Agrigento province, they are trying to create a better piece of world, a small Community engaged in inventing new ways of thinking and living.

Farm Cultural Park is an Independent Cultural Centre: here art and culture are the noble tools employed to give the City of Favara a new identity and dimension for the future.

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Keynote Speaker

Andrea Bartoli Farm Cultural Park

Emilio Casalini Journalist

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The world as a game. The new prospects offered by cultural heritage, gamification and business dev.

In Italian

Gaming seems to be the last frontier of culture, or rather, the last launching pad for projecting state of the art of culture and tourism towards an imaginative and exciting future.

But is this really the case? The gaming industry, especially that of videogames, manages to faithfully reflect the twofold reality of cultural and creative industries.

On one hand, it presents all the sexy aspects of culture while, on the other, it has to be borne in mind that the videogame industry is well structured to respond to specific market dynamics.

This item will be given over to analysing the phenomenon from these two different viewpoints, in an attempt to identify potential and tangible developments not only in the relationship between territory and gaming, but also in terms of local employment opportunities provided by the videogame industry.

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Stefano Monti Monti & Taft

Keynote Speaker
Fabio Viola TuoMuseo

BTO 2016 | Il mondo giocato

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(re)thinking the smart city

In Italian

“Smart” seems to be a trendy adjective at the moment: smart buildings, smart factories, smart phones, smart cities, smart destinations, smart tourism, etcetera.

But when you take a closer look at articles, debates and projects, you discover there is a lot of talk about the technological aspects and not much more.

Does smart just mean digital, or digitalized?

Or is there more to it, maybe something more important on which to create “smartness” to ensure genuine efficacy?

We shall be discussing this topic with those who, for some time now, have been actively engaged in cities, technologies and ways to improve the life quality of city dwellers and visitors.

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Keynote Speaker
Grazia Concilio Politecnico di Milano
Marco Piastra Università di Pavia
Ilaria Vitellio Mappi[NA]

Rodolfo Baggio Università Bocconi

BTO 2016 | (Ri)pensare la Smart City

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Generazione Z Travel Payment

The best payment is the payment you don’t have to think about-well, as long as your bank accounts balance is fine.How should future travel payment be designed? Scenario thinking might be the only way to find an effective and successful way through themanifold opportunities that come along with the disruptive change that is caused by.. Read more »


WHY! A machine will take your place

In English [with simultaneous translation]

The final panel at BTO 2016 will look into the manifest for next year’s edition.

Riccardo Staglianò has penned an essential book entitled “If I were you” on the imminent Industrial Revolution 4.0 and its aftereffects. And travel won’t be immune to it: self-driving/ flying cars and planes, virtual reality applied not only to selling techniques and automated call centres.

“The cheaper cars becomes, the more expensive people are. Printing a newspaper used to be an expensive matter, so paying journalists to fill in the pages felt like a natural expense to make. In an age where news is free, it seems unreasonable for someone to ask to be paid. Think about it. Let’s all think about it, because once we really understand this, our take on the world of technology will never be the same.”

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Keynote Speaker
Fabio Lazzerini Emirates Italia
Marco Savini BigRock
Riccardo Staglianò La Repubblica

Philip Wolf BTO 2016
Giancarlo Carniani BTO 2016

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Audience expansion and digital technologies to valorise cultural resources

In Italian

With the scientific contribution of Coop Culture, the closing considerations made in the Italian Main Hall of BTO 2016 provide food for thought on what innovative uses can be made of our cultural heritage also, and above all, in the way it addresses the market, comprising that of tourism.

The person at the centre of everything and how innovation can leverage the great opportunity to throw greater light on the artistic and cultural heritage here in Italy.

Between new frontiers, WHY! Human Capital, Strategic Plans.

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Keynote Speaker
Giovanna Barni CoopCulture
Claudio Bocci Federculture
Roberto Ferrari Regione Toscana
Francesco Palumbo Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e il turismo MiBACT

Emilio Casalini editore, autore e giornalista

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