WHY! A machine will take your place

In English [with simultaneous translation]

The final panel at BTO 2016 will look into the manifest for next year’s edition.

Riccardo Staglianò has penned an essential book entitled “If I were you” on the imminent Industrial Revolution 4.0 and its aftereffects. And travel won’t be immune to it: self-driving/ flying cars and planes, virtual reality applied not only to selling techniques and automated call centres.

“The cheaper cars becomes, the more expensive people are. Printing a newspaper used to be an expensive matter, so paying journalists to fill in the pages felt like a natural expense to make. In an age where news is free, it seems unreasonable for someone to ask to be paid. Think about it. Let’s all think about it, because once we really understand this, our take on the world of technology will never be the same.”

Keynote Speaker
Fabio Lazzerini Emirates Italia
Marco Savini BigRock
Riccardo Staglianò La Repubblica

Philip Wolf BTO 2016
Giancarlo Carniani BTO 2016

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