The world as a game. The new prospects offered by cultural heritage, gamification and business dev.

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Gaming seems to be the last frontier of culture, or rather, the last launching pad for projecting state of the art of culture and tourism towards an imaginative and exciting future.

But is this really the case? The gaming industry, especially that of videogames, manages to faithfully reflect the twofold reality of cultural and creative industries.

On one hand, it presents all the sexy aspects of culture while, on the other, it has to be borne in mind that the videogame industry is well structured to respond to specific market dynamics.

This item will be given over to analysing the phenomenon from these two different viewpoints, in an attempt to identify potential and tangible developments not only in the relationship between territory and gaming, but also in terms of local employment opportunities provided by the videogame industry.

Stefano Monti Monti & Taft

Keynote Speaker
Fabio Viola TuoMuseo

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