Audience expansion and digital technologies to valorise cultural resources

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With the scientific contribution of Coop Culture, the closing considerations made in the Italian Main Hall of BTO 2016 provide food for thought on what innovative uses can be made of our cultural heritage also, and above all, in the way it addresses the market, comprising that of tourism.

The person at the centre of everything and how innovation can leverage the great opportunity to throw greater light on the artistic and cultural heritage here in Italy.

Between new frontiers, WHY! Human Capital, Strategic Plans.

Keynote Speaker
Giovanna Barni CoopCulture
Claudio Bocci Federculture
Roberto Ferrari Regione Toscana
Francesco Palumbo Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e il turismo MiBACT

Emilio Casalini editore, autore e giornalista

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