(re)thinking the smart city

In Italian

“Smart” seems to be a trendy adjective at the moment: smart buildings, smart factories, smart phones, smart cities, smart destinations, smart tourism, etcetera.

But when you take a closer look at articles, debates and projects, you discover there is a lot of talk about the technological aspects and not much more.

Does smart just mean digital, or digitalized?

Or is there more to it, maybe something more important on which to create “smartness” to ensure genuine efficacy?

We shall be discussing this topic with those who, for some time now, have been actively engaged in cities, technologies and ways to improve the life quality of city dwellers and visitors.

Keynote Speaker
Grazia Concilio Politecnico di Milano
Marco Piastra Università di Pavia
Ilaria Vitellio Mappi[NA]

Rodolfo Baggio Università Bocconi

BTO 2016 | (Ri)pensare la Smart City

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