Hoxell is an innovative work system for excellence in hospitality standards. It combines software and people to improve guest satisfaction and grow customer loyalty through staff empowerment.

Perfectly interfaced with your PMS, our platform enables a deep interaction between a hotel’s guests and staff, providing outstanding customer service by constantly engaging with them at multiple touch-points, including: the pre-arrival, the hotel stay and the post departure stage.

Hoxell lets hoteliers monitor the operational workflow of the whole hotel in real time: from reservation, online check- in and room customization to housekeeping and concierge, including staff communication and communication with guests (mail & SMS).

We have two main modules:
1. In-house operations: Housekeeping & Maintenance
2. Guests interactions: Guest relations & MyPage

The benefits are: higher guest satisfaction, improved online brand reputation, better revenue management (more revenues).

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Keynote Speaker
Carlo Fontana albergatore e co-founder Hoxell

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