POD.CAMP by reMedia: why! We make camping smarter!

In Italy Open Air tourism includes nearly 2,700 companies, 20k jobs and a capacity of over 1 million 400k beds, for an annual turnover of approximately 3 billion euro, considering all related industries.

This market segment is expanding rapidly. It deals every day with increasingly demanding and diversified targets and offers sophisticated accommodation options, which create new ways of experiencing holidays in close contact with the local territory. More than a travel style, Open Air is a way of life and an important force of development in the entire tourism market.

But who is today’s camper? Forget spartan tents and mud: the camper is an adventurer and a lover of discovery in the best sense of the word.

He’s a fully equipped and smart tourist, in half of cases foreign, who seeks to combine holidays in contact with nature, to comfort and increasingly to luxury, but above all, to the discovery of the local territory, the good local food, the passion for our beautiful Italy.

Our question is: why, in the digital migration, has the Open Air tourism fallen behind other areas of the same market? This is our challenge.

We have been working in the digital market for nearly 18 years and we recently specialized in the Open Air segment. We are well aware of its dynamics, which are completely different from the ones of the hotel industry. We strongly believe in its potential.

We use the digital to build both management and tourist experiences. We create a dialogue with managers, workers and tourists and we look far ahead: towards a smart camping experience.

Keynote Speaker
Paolo Ferrari POD.CAMP – reMedia

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