CLEVER Coaching & Training: Bank Robbery! Tools and strategies to increase your hotel’s performances

Do you ever feel like you could do more with your hotel? No problem, during our workshop you will find out how to optimize your resources and get better results… with a bank robbery!

Don’t worry, it’s not a real bank robbery (maybe…), it’s an innovative method and an interactive way to learn useful techniques to solve ordinary problems at work.

You will learn to: satisfy your customers beyond their expectations, get a better reputation, grow up the number of returning visitors, improving positive relations among the members of your staff and increase your business.

How you can do that? Through an experiential training activity and thanks to a direct and interactive approach that can help you empower your skills.

1. Discover… strengths and weaknesses of your hotel with a metaphorical representation of your daily work at the hotel.
2. Reflect… on the dynamics and critical points emerged during the experiential activity and learn how to develop your skills.
3. Apply… what you have learned to your daily life at work. Our method is an effective way to transfer knowledge that facilitates the growth of teams and business.

So, are you ready to rob… ehm, to learn?

Keynote Speaker
Massimiliano Moscarda Founder CLEVER Coaching & Training

All the events of December 1st [Day Two]