WHY! Hoteliers need to be different

In English [with simultaneous translation]

Great changes are taking place in the world of hospitality.

Market destructors such as Airbnb have forced the hotel industry to rethink its offer. With the view to maintain dominance in the world of hospitality, new brands and ideas have emerged.

It is however undoubtable that megamergers (Marriott-Starwood) and buyouts forebode a whole new landscape.

We’re going to talk about how to develop alternative ideas through two emerging brands: ‘The Student Hotel’ and ‘Room Mate’.

An open discussion with the distinguished manager Elena David of UNA Hotels & Resort will follow.

Keynote Speaker
Frank Uffen The Student Hotel
Roberto Sanchez Room Mate Hotels

Elena David UNA Hotels & Resort

BTO 2016 | Hoteliers need to be different

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